A note on intention.

This film began for us when we were 16, with the onsetting reality that school shootings were no longer rare and isolated incidents, but were at risk of becoming normal for the children of our generation. We were inspired by the youth movements who were voicing their concerns through mass protests across the US.

Over the next year, we poured all of our energy, mind, and heart into a personal depiction of a subject that was so important to us, and what would become our first film.

Man of the Harvest isn’t a political film. It doesn’t aim to send any message or reinforce any agenda. Instead, it is a practice of human empathy.

In our research, what we felt was being portrayed of these events in media was only the numbers and statistics. While these were, and still are, truly shocking, the frequency of violence led us to feel numb and helpless.

What was missing was a conversation around the personal effects of school shootings on the children and families that were impacted. As kids ourselves what we felt we could offer was the perspective of a child. What is it like to lose a friend to an uncontrollable act of violence such as this?

3 years later, these events have only become more frequent, while it feels there is less of a conversation around it than ever.  It breaks our heart.

Fragility of life is perhaps one of our greatest lessons as children. When we learn of death, we learn of beauty. We learn to appreciate that the things we take for granted everyday will not last, and for that it is beautiful. Fragility is the lens we wanted to share a story through.

As young directors, we drew upon what we felt most viscerally, which manifested as a tale of boyhood and of brutality. Of friendship and grief. Of poetry and of silence.

Brought to life with our amazing cast and crew, we are very proud of this film and are excited for it to enter a new chapter where it can speak for itself on a global stage.

We hope you connect with the film.

Starring Elisha Henig & Gabriel Bateman

Written and Directed by Orion Eshel & Luther Clayton

Produced by Norry Niven

Cinematography by John Paul Summers

Music by Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat

Edited by Yaniv Shmeltzer 

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2020
Atlanta International Film Festival 2021
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021
HollyShorts Film Festival 2021
REGARD Festival International Du Court Métrage au Saguenay 2021
Norwich Film Festival 2021
Rhode Island Film Festival 2022